Just an idea... but it seems that it would be useful for the author of a node to be able to flag the really useful responses to their questions, to bring attention to them...

Often it seems you'll get many responses to your question, and some of them are useful, some of them aren't, sometimes you get the response you need right away, sometimes it is way at the bottom.

It seems to me it would be good to allow the author of the node to flag responses a 'Especially Helpful' or 'Solved my problem' or something like that. It might also be nice if these gave the author of the node an extra experience point. Often times I get responses of which many are useful, but one or two are either more useful, or exactly what I need. I still upvote the other useful ones, but it would be nice to point the really good ones out. At the very least by flagging them and having them color code, or move to the top, and possibly give them an extra XP.

This seems like a good idea to me, because messages flagged as a solution for the author would help others searching through nodes find their way around more quickly...

...or maybe I'm just smoking crack... either way, I know the great Monk masters are very very busy... so I understand if it never gets out there... but it never hurts to throw ideas around.

What do others think?

                - Ant