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Thanks for the reply. I installed Wx and Wx::Html (and a few others) last month so I'm pretty sure everything is up to date. The info on ::SetMarginTopLeft says this:

wxPageSetupDialogData::SetMarginTopLeft void SetMarginTopLeft(const wxPoint& pt)

Sets the left (x) and top (y) margins in millimetres.

So, I think I need to pass an object of type wxPoint. Point has a constructor, two methods, Get, Set, and two properties, x, and y of type int. So, I code the following to set the properties to 5 millimeters.:

my $point = Wx::Point->new; $point->Set(x=>5); $point->Set(y=>5);

This gives me the following error: Can't locate object method "Set" via package "Wx::Point"

So, I give up on that and instead pass an x, y pair as an array just to see what happens:

my $printhtml = Wx::HtmlEasyPrinting->new(); my $psd = $printhtml->GetPageSetupData; #returns a pointer to PageSetu +pDialogData $psd->SetMarginBottomRight( [ 5, 5 ] );

This gives me the following error message:

usage: Wx::PageSetupDialogData::SetMarginBottomRight(THIS, point)

So, now I see that it takes two parameters and I am still left with the question of how to specify the parameters (THIS, and point). BTW, I am very new to Perl and many of the examples assume far more Perl knowledge than I currently posses. A fleshed out working example would be GREATLY appreciated.