in reply to Command line arguments not passed in Win7

In the registry, ...

Try posting the contents of n-regqueryperl.txt (the output of regqueryperl.bat )

regqueryperl.bat > n-regqueryperl.txt 2>&1

@rem @echo #~ regqueryperl.bat @rem @echo #~ 2013-09-17-18:40:38 @rem @echo #~ @rem @echo #~ @rem @echo #~ regqueryperl.bat > n-regqueryperl.txt 2>&1 @rem @echo #~ notepad n-regqueryperl.txt @rem @echo #~ @rem @echo #~ @rem @echo #~ @setlocal @set thisdir=%~dp0 @set thisfile=%~f0 @set thisfilebasename=%~n0 @set thisfilename=%~nx0 @echo %thisfilebasename% %thisfilename% %thisdir% %thisfile% perl -V reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Perl /s reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\ActiveState /s reg query HKCU\Software\Perl /s reg query HKCU\Environment /s reg query HKCR\PerlScript /s reg query HKCR\.pl /s set pathext assoc .pl ftype perlscript :endoffile @endlocal