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Im having the same problem w/ writing to a file, using Win2k/ActivePerl Thinking that win2k is not handling the opening of files correctly. Please, without saying, dont use win2k, can someone post a work around? I updated w/ the suggestion you posted as such:
#!perl -w open(FILE, "data.txt"); #opens data.txt in read-mode while(<FILE>){ #reads line by line from FILE which i +s the filehandle for data.txt chomp; print "Saw $_ in data.txt\n"; #shows you what we have read } close FILE; #close the file. $a = "keylogger.dat"; open FILE, ">$a" or die; #opens file to be written to while(<>){ #while we're getting input from the keyb +oard print FILE $_; #write it to our file } close FILE; #then close our file.
"Re: File Input and Output by gpoduval on Jan 30, 2001 at 06:42 hmm...when i tried the >>filename nothing got appended into the file. it remained as it is i am using activestate activeperl for windows on win2k. i suspect this might be because i dont know how to end a program. anybody can help me ?"