Ever post a node that you couldn't wait to get posted because you thought, "This is the coolest thing I think I have ever posted"? You post the thing, and dust off your fancy robe, knowing full well that within hours your post will be hobnobbing with the posts in the best nodes of the day.

And then you check it a few hours later like a guy who thinks he has the winning lottery ticket, only to find that you weren't even close to winning the jackpot.

You don't care about XP. You're not the type. You don't care if all the ++'s bestowed upon that post generated one single XP. It's not about your XP or your level or your position in the monastary. It's about the node's XP. It's knowing that your peers feel that your node is as cool as you do, and you are not alone in thinking so.

Sometimes it happens with prose posts, but most often this seems to happen to code posts. Admittedly, they're not always applicable to the widest audience, but you want the little fellas to grow up to be successful.

You're not supposed to toot your own horn, but you know that some of your old posts are good. They're under appreciated. Somehow they missed out on the recognition that you thought they deserved.

So where are they? Let's give them some of the love that they missed out on while growing up.

Update:I was actually hoping someone would link their favorite posts in this thread.