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I've been thinking about this exact thing this week. Except it started from the other end. I had two posts that were severly over ++'d and I was perpexed as to why. That led me to think about other things I've posted that I felt were much more valuable, readable and informative that barely found their way into double digits. There was one in praticular (no shamless plugs) that took me a week to put together... it was something to download. I thought it would be benificial to quite a few people. It got very little love and only one response.. which happened to be of praise.

But when it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter. Votes and Reps are what they are. I actually feel more guilty for nodes that I think were inconciquential getting upvoted 10x what they were probably worth vs. feeling unloved for something I was proud of getting no votes.

There's too many outside factors involved in the Rep of a node to really worry about it. There's time of day that it was posted, day of week, whether it's been frontpaged or not and whether or not you say the popular things. If you're posting at the wrong time of day, your node might slip out of site before a lot of people read it. If you post on a weekend (like now :) ) there's much less traffic here. If it's on the front page, it will get many more ++'s than if it's not. And if you write things like "use strict and warnings", "use CGI" and "try Super Search", people upvote more.

There's been a lot of quality nodes that never received the praise that I thought they should, but c'est la vie. HomeNodes are good for that. I've spent an amazing amount of time at tilly's homenode reading through quite a bit of his links. I try to check out other's too to see if and what they've linked too. Unfortunately I haven't linked any nodes off my homenode, but it's now going to be a priority of mine. Not my own. I feel if it truly is as good as I think it is, someone else will recognize that and make refrence to it someplace. That's my M.O. for most things though..

Maybe people should post a node written by someone else that they think was under appreciated?