in reply to How to syntax-check Catalyst code which throws 'Invalid CODE attributes' errors?

Itís not Moose, itís specifically Catalystís handling of the information. Probably your Catalyst code is either wonky or relies on the presence of the base packages to already be loaded in such a way that sub packages will fail because they are missing dependent information. Compare these twoĖ

perl -c -e 'sub taco :Chained("/") :PathPart("foo") : CaptureArgs(0) { +}' Invalid CODE attributes: Chained("/") : PathPart("foo") : CaptureArgs( +0) at -e line 1. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at -e line 1.
perl -c -e 'use parent "Catalyst::Controller"; sub taco :Chained("/") +:PathPart("foo") : CaptureArgs(0) {}' -e syntax OK

Side-note about the -c flag. Itís not just a syntax check, it has to compile code and that means running some of it and there is no way to know what that might include without stepping through it. For exampleĖ

# emacs/vi package UseMe; print STDERR "rm -rf /"; perl -c syntax OK perl -c -e 'use UseMe' rm -rf /-e syntax OK