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Hi all, I'm looking to add WIN32API::MIDI support (among other packages) in my Strawberry Perl. How is it done? With ActiveState, I would add it to the runtime environment but I don't want to do it that way if I can avoid it -- I'm porting old scripts over to be used on a newer laptop, but they're all written for Perl32 and downloading the packages directly from ActiveState would force me to pay the $912 annual fee since I'll need packages that are compatible with version 5.10.1 (the version I wrote the script in). Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Adding WIN32API::MIDI Package to Strawberry
by kcott (Archbishop) on Jul 12, 2021 at 02:22 UTC

    G'day strawberryperls4ever,

    Welcome to the Monastery.

    Strawberry Perl (SP) comes with all the tools you need to install CPAN modules. My preference for performing the actual installation is the core cpan utility; others prefer cpanm or cpanp (if you want to use one of these, I believe SP comes with one or both of them; if not, you can install using cpan which you'll automatically have). SP should have other tools, such as a compiler, that you may need.

    Certain modules require 3rd-party libraries. You may need to install these. The README or INSTALL files, for individual modules, should specify such requirements.

    Specifically for Win32API::MIDI, do note the Overview has:

    "This module is still under development. Interface may be changed to improve usability.".

    It also appears to be abandonware (last update in 2003) so don't hold your breath for movement from "under development" to "stable, production version". This may affect your choice to use this module.

    Also note that capitalisation matters: the name is Win32API::MIDI, not WIN32API::MIDI.

    — Ken

      Thank you Ken! MIDI hasn't updated their protocol in many moons as well so for my purposes it'll work just fine.

        "MIDI hasn't updated their protocol in many moons as well..

        MIDI v2 was released last year.

Re: Adding WIN32API::MIDI Package to Strawberry
by syphilis (Archbishop) on Jul 12, 2021 at 03:23 UTC
    Running cpan -i Win32API::MIDI works ok for me on Strawberry Perls 5.30.0 and 5.32.0.
    There's a few warnings issued (both during the build phase and the running of the tests) so YMMV - but at least it's passing all tests.


      Thanks for that Rob, got it first try.