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I'm not sure what you mean.

that 2 WWars were started by Germany. This balances out in the long term.

And I also meant that "starting a war" is not a DNA thing and that both WWars started by Germany is not a "statistical pattern". It is merely economical circumstances coming together to a perfect storm, and Capitalism is known (for 100 years at least) to cause Imperialism which causes War and Slaves.

There's another factor to take into account: There was an uprisal in 1918 Germany (ok parts of it, R.Luxenburg's and K.Liebnecht's deaths anniversary this week) in the style of the Bolshevik revolution a year earlier. The Freikrops had a significant role in crashing it and SPD in using them. To me, Freikrops is the beginning of fascism in Germany. All these on economy grounds, nothing nationalist or "aggression-in-DNA" (latter is nonsence) etc. Freikrops brutality was a political choice of brainwashing people to violence, by the economy powers and their political puppets (SPD of all things!).

And another point to consider, in the original language debate: Capitalism will optimise language, like everything else, for profit. Some languages are simpler/easier than others. In school we learned that French were very strict with their language and did not borrow foreign words light-heartedly (one example teacher said was "Le Weekend") but now with this digital revolution, internets, YT where are they? Can they resist for long?