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Here's an issue I bumped into accidentally, while looking for solution to parent node, but I hesitate to ask a new SOPW question. For Strawberry Perl 5.24 (version to deploy to), even if (and that's confusing part) ExtUtils::MakeMaker is updated to latest CPAN version, the following happens.


use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; WriteMakefile(NAME => 'Test');

package Test; 1;

running perl Makefile.PL, gmake test results in error:

to undefined at C:/berrybrew/ line 1199. makefile:862: recipe for target 'pm_to_blib' failed gmake: *** [pm_to_blib] Error 2

Offending section in Makefile is

# --- MakeMaker pm_to_blib section: pm_to_blib : $(FIRST_MAKEFILE) $(TO_INST_PM) $(NOECHO) $(ABSPERLRUN) -MExtUtils::Install -e "pm_to_blib({{@ARGV +}}, '$(INST_LIB)\auto', q[$(PM_FILTER)], '$(PERM_DIR)')" -- \ $(INST_LIB)\ $(NOECHO) $(TOUCH) pm_to_blib

line #862 contains {{@ARGV}}, deleting a pair of braces (changing double to single) fixes the issue (I peeked at Makefile which is produced under Perl 5.26). It's very confusing, why updating to latest ExtUtils::MakeMaker doesn't help, and how 5.24 is functional at all.