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Turkey is an interesting choice, any specific set of reasons or more of a "feel" thing?

It came about by accident!

My then-girlfriend and I were looking for a holiday destination that had to be in school holiday time as she worked in a school. There were a few places on the shortlist but we picked a Turkish holiday as it seemed the best value. We both just fell in love with the resort and the people and went back the next year, then to Istanbul the next winter. By this time I was learning Turkish and the more I visited, the more I realised I felt at home.

Many years later I think I understand why...
The culture is similar enough to here in the UK for me to understand what is going on and not feel too out of place but also different enough to present lots of interest and a fair few challenges.

Turkey had this effect on both us us. Several years after we split up, said ex-girlfriend got a job teaching in Turkey and has spent many years living there.

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