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Hi Ken

I can't comment on the rational behind this limit, but

> Scrolling through (the very long)

As a tip: you don't need that, those nodes are still in RAT - well depending on the ancestor settings° - you just have to expand the folded parents.

I can only see one˛ Re^9 with an +/- to the right, after 3 unfold-clicks I saw the Re^12 in question.

Cheers Rolf
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°) my view settings show:

Current View Mode is Node Ancestors, switch to Root and Node , Minimal Nodes or Full Thread .

˛) OK after switching to Full Thread I saw 2 folded Re^9 but still...

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Re^2: Recently Active Threads: limited maximum node depth
by kcott (Archbishop) on Nov 28, 2022 at 10:36 UTC

    G'day Rolf,

    My settings (top of RAT page):

    Current View Mode is Full Thread, switch to Root and Node, Minimal Nod +es or Node Ancestors

    There's been some activity between posting this morning ... long work day ... logging back in this evening.

    Now: 5 "Re^9" entries; 2 have "+/-"; 1st "+/-" gave "Re^10"; 2nd "+/-" gave all "Re^10" to "Re^13" with one click.

    That's still fiddly when a quick top-level view is wanted; however, and with reference to your "second reply", setting "maximum depth" to zero gave a full hierarchy of all nodes in all threads: I'll stick with that as it seems to do what I want. Thanks.

    — Ken