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Hi monks,

I have a large amount of legacy CGI Perl scripts, which were made to be executed by Apache modperl.

What I want to do is move to a http server inside a perl script (like AnyEvent::HTTPD) that supports calling the perl CGI scripts - and then package the entire thing as a single exe using par. This is so users can run it without having to have either apache or perl installed.

Now CGI seems fairly straight forward (content to STDIN, headers to ENV, and STDOUT is the HTTP response), but I figured someone has probably done this before? Or are there better ideas?

I am essentially doing this to execute the cgi in the httpd request callback:

{ local *STDOUT; local *STDIN; #local %ENV; #$ENV{http-cookie} = $requestCookie; open(STDIN, "<", \$requestBody); open (STDOUT, '>>', \$response); do './cgi/'; }