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based on Haj's example
use v5.12; use warnings; STDOUT->autoflush; STDERR->autoflush; STDIN->autoflush; say "Give me a cookie: "; my $thing = readline(STDIN); $thing =~ /^(a )?cookie$/ or warn "That was no cookie."; say "Thanks and goodbye!"; die "exiting here";

expected output in pre/tt

Give me a cookie:                                               # waits for input
croock                                                          # manual input             
That was no cookie. at line 10, <STDIN> line 1.  # jumps to line 10
Thanks and goodbye!
exiting here at line 14, <STDIN> line 1.         # jumps to line 14

For better understanding I manually added meta info


I've stumbled over a SO discussion which made this (half) work.

> C-u M-x compile and ... compilation buffer will be in comint mode, i.e. interactive.

(the C-u means prefix arg, a very e-lisp-ish annoyance)

I still have to find a way to make this work inside mode-compile

Cheers Rolf
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