a google search for another monk led me to a profile page saying he hasn't been here for more than 7 years!?!

After investigating the URL (which I hesitate to disclosure here) I realized that this must be a development version of the monastery accessing an old DB instance.

Changing the topdomain produced different results, sometimes I had to change to index.cgi, sometimes I was able to read the scripts source, sometimes got just 404s for links which worked before and vice versa.

Not sure if this might be related to my privileges ...

I think either this has to be taken offline or password protected, in any case it shouldn't be indexed by google.

Cheers Rolf
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this post was initially written for PMD, till I found this pmdevtopic board.

I think it should be safe to post links here

links deleted

if you are getting errors, please try to switch to .com or .net or change .pl to .cgi, it seems like different servers in the background react inconsistently.


) why is this branch called "inner scriptorium" but publicly readable? I deleted the links again, google didn't cache them yet.