Perhaps this has come up before. A quick search showed some discussion about copyright of Chatterbox musings but I didn't see a discussion on code. I posted a reply to this node since the author had included a copyright statement but no permissible use clause and it got me thinking. Is there a standard copyright clause for code and snippets on the Perlmonks site? I assume the author owns the copyright unless otherwise stated. I hadn't really thought about it before but the lack of a copyright statement does raise some concerns and I do know that some employers wouldn't allow code to be used if it didn't include a proper copyright (or "Public Domain" clause). Would it be a useful addition to Perlmonks to have a feature to include a default copyright statement (e.g. Same terms as perl itself) or maybe a user setting you could set to include a link to your own copyright statement? I love the sense of open sharing and community here and don't want to muddle the waters with legaleez but as the usefuleness of the Monastery grows so do the chances that such issues might come up.