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I understand that if the whole program was destined to be a 1 million line ERP system, the it would be worth re-organizing and rewriting everything to fit into modules. However I'm aiming at just splitting things into "two" files, and I'm 1 yard from the finish line. So cut/paste into 10 scripts may be the way to go.

No, copy/paste isn't the answer, thats like first week of intro to programming :)

modules are the answer, modules that are accompanied with tests, your code should live in modules :)

Maybe use BtApp; BtApp->runFoo; use BtApp; BtApp->run( mode => 'Bar', @ARGV ); use BtApp; BtApp->run( '--mode=Baz' , @ARGV ); use BtApp; BtApp->cli( @ARGV ); use BtApp; BtApp->cli( beep => @ARGV ); ... BtApp/Command/ BtApp/ BtApp/ t/00-load.t t/command/baz.t t/bar.t t/baz.t t/beep.t ...

Something like that, draw a few outlines like that on a piece of paper, putting different stuff in different places, see what makes more sense

You can see all kinds of examples on cpan, see App::