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Hmm. I looked at YAML briefly, but it didn't seem to quite do what I needed, unless I missed something. I thought JSON was basically a more Javascript-oriented variant of YAML, so I didn't consider it. I'll look at that.

Update: Yes, I think JSON will indeed do what I need. Thanks!

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Re^2: Optimization Question (Data Serialization)
by GrandFather (Saint) on May 16, 2016 at 06:21 UTC

    YAML is essentially a superset of JSON. The default formatting of YAML is considered more readable than JSON (at least by me). Either protocol turns out to be somewhat less easy to hand edit accurately than it first glance it seems it should be. That may not be an issue, but readability will make it easier to debug configuration issues at least.

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      YAML is essentially a superset of JSON.

      Not for beancounters: Re^2: conf file in Perl syntax


      Today I will gladly share my knowledge and experience, for there are no sweeter words than "I told you so". ;-)

      Neither is sufficiently human-editable that I would really want it for config files.

      But that isn't important for a save-game feature.