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Hello, i have the following input file :

1212123x534534534534xx4545454x232322xx 0901001x876879878787xx0909918x212245xx 1212123x534534534534xx4545454x232323xx 1212133x534534534534xx4549454x232322xx 4352342xx23232xxx345545x45454x23232xxx

Delimited with x, and the column of interest is 0-7, see below. I m trying to write a script that reads each line, checks the amount of x's and compares it against a number, if the amount if != the set number then i want the output into fh1 (output.control). Then it ll check a specific substring on each line, and print only the first encountered. (Remove duplicates but maintain order)

The code i have so far is

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; # use warnings qw/ all FATAL /; my %seen; my $delimiter = 'x'; my $delim_amnt_per_line = 5; open(my $fh1, ">>", "outputcontrol.txt"); open(my $fh2, ">>", "outputoutput.txt"); while ( <> ) { my $count = ($_ =~ y/x//); print "$count \n"; # print $_; if ( $count != $delim_amnt_per_line ) { print fh1 $_; } my ($prefix) = substr $_, 0, 7; next if $seen{$prefix}++; print $fh2; }

My problem is that it doesnt print anything on either filename, whereas if it was just print and i had redirected the script from the command line, it would output as normal. Can someone help me?

EDIT : I think i ve located the problem. Neither of the produced files had write permission. They were just set on read, is there a way to change this from inside the code?