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Hello xorl,

You can make this kind of code cleaner by taking an OO approach. Create an abstract class Module with the common interface, and subclass it as Module::SuperCool, Module::AlmostCool, and Module::Uncool. Then create a Module object once:

use Module; use Module::SuperCool; use Module::AlmostCool; use Module::Uncool; my $module_instance = ($] > 5.010) ? Module::SuperCool->new(...) : (($] <= 5.010) && ($] > 5.008)) ? Module::AlmostCool->new(...) : Module::Uncool->new(...); ... $module_instance->frobnicate(...);

and use it as needed — there will be no need for switch statements using a $supercool flag.

Of course, Module::SuperCool will be implemented using super cool functions provided by cutting-edge CPAN modules; Module::AlmostCool will be implemented using less cool functions from older CPAN modules; and Module::Uncool will be implemented using your 10,000 lines of code.

Hope that helps,

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