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Thanks Your Mother, no rudeness spotted :)

The Dancer part doesn't really matter, as I know that I'm receiving what I expect from the Perl Dancer part. It's how I'm handling the JS. In the get_aux() js call, when I alert() I get the expected result (from Perl). But in the creation of the button (the call that calls the get_aux() in the function above it in my OP), the alert() states undefined.

I'm reading up on use of 'callbacks' et-al right now.

What *is* rude, is me looking for JS help on Perlmonks ;)

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Re^3: jQuery issue with Dancer2
by Your Mother (Archbishop) on Sep 23, 2016 at 00:52 UTC

    Oh, I love the occasional JS question, especially jQuery. I have said before, I really think it touches the same sweet spot Perl does in terseness + expressiveness. If you have runnable code somewhere (github gist?) I would probably play with it tomorrow.