in reply to How to create symlink using Perl?

Here is my solution after failing to get any of the existing symlink modules or functions to work. It works for Unicode paths as long as they don't exceed 260 characters.

package MyUtils::SymLink; use strict; use warnings; require Encode; require Win32::API; use constant CSLW_PROTO => "DWORD CreateSymbolicLinkW(PWSTR link, PWST +R path, DWORD opt)"; my $utf16enc = Encode::find_encoding("utf16-le") or die("Couldn't load + utf16 encoder\n"); my $createsymlink = Win32::API->new("kernel32", CSLW_PROTO) or die("Co +uldn't load CreateSymbolicLinkW"); use Exporter qw(import); our @EXPORT_OK = qw(CreateSymLinkW); sub CreateSymLinkW { my ($symlinkpath, $filepath) = @_; my $symlinkpathW = $utf16enc->encode($symlinkpath) . "\x00"; my $filepathW = $utf16enc->encode($filepath) . "\x00"; return $createsymlink->Call($symlinkpathW, $filepathW, 0); } 1;