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Greetings, Monks, and Happy New Year!

I am troubleshooting a script for a colleague. The script creates news items for the "news" space of a website. When he and I run it, we get the following error:

Config::General: Block "<rightbar>" has no EndBlock statement (level: +2, chunk 244)!
This error message is followed by a reference to the line in the script that pulls in the configuration file. That line looks like this:
my $conf = new Config::General(-ConfigFile => './cda/build_pages.conf' +, -InterPolateVars => 1, -UseApacheInclude => 1, -IncludeRelative => 1);
The curiosity is that when I examine the configuration file referenced, it has the following lines at the end:
<rightbar> <status> includefile = $baseurl/incl/LeftBar/status.html </status> <<include news.conf>> </rightbar>
... and I initiate head-scratching, because the <rightbar> block certainly looks properly closed to me. What could I be missing? I have Googled this problem, and other folks' issues definitely seemed to be improperly closed blocks. But here ...?

My only thought was perhaps upgrading the module. Our version is ~2015. But that seems like a "well, I don't know what else to do" move.

Thanks, Glenn