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I've now installed Strawberry perl {but haven't uninstalled activestate yet...:o)}. strawberry perl seems very good!

One question: is there a strawberry perl equivalent of the 'ActivePerl User Guide'? It's a nice HTML page that pops up and gives you easy access to all the HTML formatted man pages for all the packages. It looks like Strawberry Perl doesn't include HTML man pages -- are they easy to generate? I can cobble up an ActiveState-like front end for it if the pages are all about. I've download the HTML docs but that package is nice but doesn't include hardly any of the packages I use. I'll try looking at makefile to see how the HTML pages are generated when a package is installed.

Also, do I correctly gather that the equivalent of the "perl package manager" with Activestate is just "cpan"? {but so far Strawberry has run all of my programs with no additional packages loaded, so it comes with a lot of stuff pre-installed!!}