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#!/usr/bin/perl #server use warnings; use strict; use IO::Socket; use threads; use threads::shared; $|++; print "$$ Server started\n";; # do a "top -p -H $$" to monitor server + threads our @clients : shared; @clients = (); my $server = new IO::Socket::INET( Timeout => 7200, Proto => "tcp", LocalPort => 9000, Reuse => 1, Listen => 3 ); my $num_of_client = -1; while (1) { my $client; do { $client = $server->accept; } until ( defined($client) ); my $peerhost = $client->peerhost(); print "accepted a client $client, $peerhost, id = ", ++$num_of_cli +ent, "\n"; my $fileno = fileno $client; push (@clients, $fileno); #spawn a thread here for each client my $thr = threads->new( \&processit, $client, $fileno, $peerhost ) +->detach(); } # end of main thread sub processit { my ($lclient,$lfileno,$lpeer) = @_; #local client if($lclient->connected){ # Here you can do your stuff # I use have the server talk to the client # via print $client and while(<$lclient>) print $lclient "$lpeer->Welcome to server\n"; while(<$lclient>){ # print $lclient "$lpeer->$_\n"; print "clients-> @clients\n"; foreach my $fn (@clients) { open my $fh, ">&=$fn" or warn $! and die; print $fh "$_" } } } #close filehandle before detached thread dies out close( $lclient); #remove multi-echo-clients from echo list @clients = grep {$_ !~ $lfileno} @clients; } __END__
This is My question is : How can I get the number of clients connected to the server? If say I have opened 4 terminals and ran 4 times on localhost for testing purposes, how can I get the client ID and client count at server script? I am using Ubuntu on VirtualBox. I am in multi-threaded environment.