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>...can read them when you want and you can have many pipes: one to each child.

but I have to have two pipes to each child, don't I?

>Do you need to send one message to all the clients at once?

thats right, this wont work...

>I'm not sure exactly what you need to do, but you can thread the server (that's what a lot of chat servers do)
>or you can use select(the four argument one) to decide when you need to read from a child.

hmm threads will not be present in their actual form
in future releases of perl, as I have extracted from man
thread, so i think thats not the best way to do it.
Select is then a method without fork, but I haven't
understood it completely, what does the Select do, it
determines from which socket 'data comes in', and then
reads it?