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sub test_sub { my ($thischan, $thisuser, $thismsg) = (@_); return "test_sub" if @_ == 0; return unless $thismsg =~ /^:google /; use WWW::Search; my $search = new WWW::Search('Google'); $search -> maximum_to_retrieve(5); $search -> native_query(WWW::Search::escape_query("osama")); $search -> seek_result(2); my $result = $search -> results(); use Data::Dumper; print Dumper \$result; carp "cycling"; }
I took the above code, most of it, from WWW::Search::Google's pod, and some of it from one of merlyn's columns. I get the following output:
:google bleh # this was my input Found Total: 1,110,000 $VAR1 = \undef; cycling at line 31 main::test_sub('#bleh', 'alex', ':google bleh') called at test line 17
This seems to be totally contrary to what the docs say will happen, and also the results merlyn got. If i switch results to next_result like the supplied POD, i still have the same situation. I'm confused. Has anyone successfully worked with this module? And I cant seem to find it in Super Search.

Oh, and there is a user, google, which is rather irritating when searching for google. alas.

brother dep


i have used several of the search modules including Excite and hotbot to no avail.

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