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Ok guys, I have 2 linux machines, I want my perl script on one machine to email me a message. Ok, no problem. Did that. I want sendmail to take this message and send it to the other linux machine, which is set up to relay from this machine, still ok, the perl script told sendmail to use ther other machine as its mail server. NOW HERE IS WHERE IS ALL FALLS APART.

I am watching the log on the 2nd machine, it accepts the message to be relayed, but then queued it. Every time! stat=queued.

I realize this is a perl area, and this problem involves sendmail, but does anyone know what is going wrong? I checked several times, sendmail is started with -bd -q so it is running and is supposed to be forking a child to send the queued messages, but it never does. It is not sending the mail on.

ALSO, is there some way that I can force it to send all queued messages?