Honorable sirs, forgive me if this question taxes thine time unnecessarily, for I am but an egg, but stumped.

A relative newbie to the site, I found the user information in my home node (that is the term for it?) an interesting way to keep track of things I had posted, and as a way to learn, by watching the responses to the same items from others.

A few days ago, I decided to be brave and look at posts in the Q&A section of the site. I responded to one answer already present, then found a posting which I felt brave enough to attempt an answer (or portion thereof). I was quite preplexed when the posting exists, but did not show up in my user search, and was wondering why this might be, or if perhaps I had somehow caused it to not appear.

This issue may have been asked before, but I was unable to find it if so. Therefore, sirs, I beseech thee, take pity on one so new and grant me a portion of wisdom and knowledge, or grant me direction that I might find the light to make clarity of my darkness and banish this confusion from me. What wisdom and knowledge you may choose to share with a new one such as I would be received with great appreciation.