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Hi all,

Sometimes I feel guilty asking questions in this forum, as I'm of the mindset that "If I can't find it on my own, something's wrong" - but I'm not finding it, so here goes.

I'm being asked to do some 'Quality Assurance' on some applications, and it's pretty routine stuff for each test - so I'd like to try and write a script to make my life easier.

I'd like to write a script (preferably with some sort of GUI - TK is okay, or Win32::GUI as I'm stuck to Win systems for this) that will do some key capture, as well as take of the I/O of some of the different windows (for example, simulate the click of a mouse button in a certain form).

I've heard the term 'gremlin' used before for something like this - that essentially sends random clicks and keystrokes to a GUI app - I'm not necessarily wanting to just hammer away at this, but having it take care of my mundane processes would be great. :)