As somebody who is blessed with large bandwidth, I am forced to wonder what sort of connection perlmonks has and what sort of hardware it runs on, as well as the hits and througput to and from the site.

Speakeasy offers 1.1mbit sdsl for $200/mo to where I live (which I get, and its more than adequate for a large napster server). I find that between work and home, I am not able to get to perlmonks without a 10-30 second lag in requests. I find that sometimes stopping the request and re-starting it helps to get through. converter mentioned that he has seen the site get faster since the ad was taken away -- I havent noticed this at all.

I have donated in the past, and plan to donate again after my finances re-settle (this terrorism thing has really affected my employer). What can I do to increase the responsiveness of the site? We're getting more than $200/mo, and an additional 1.1mbit is something like 140kbyte/s. How big is the average perlmonks website?

Can I contribute database code review skills? I mean, I hesitate to suggest something as simple as adding indexes (how does our database look)? I found that for large-scale databases that Postgres was faster for me than mysql, although admittedly, I have tuned postgres about as far as it will go on our ultra 10's.

I'd love to help, as it seems to me the monastery needs some help.

brother dep

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