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Have never benchmarked it, but it does a lot of work, which takes a bit of time -- About 5 secs or so to create a a 2-worksheet spreadsheet about 15K.

It should be faster than that, at least for text and numbers. Here is a benchmark for a 1MB file on a PIII 800. The average time is less than 5 seconds:

WriteExcel: 49 wallclock secs (41.19 usr + 1.88 sys = 43.07 CPU) @ 0 +.23/s (n=10) 4.31 s/iter

Formulas do slow it down however since they are parsed via Parse::RecDescent.

This is still under development, and does not currently support Macros. Requires 5.6.0, support for IEEE 64 bit float, Text:: and Parse:: packages.

Spreadsheet::WriteExcel requires Perl 5.005 and Parse::RecDescent. This in turn requires Text::Balanced but that is bundled with it. IEEE 64 bit floats are almost a given.

Macros will probably never be supported. The format of VBA macros is even more undocumented than usual. :-)

Here is a screenshot from the Freshmeat page

Update: Added benchmark data.

Note, there is also an older review of this module.