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Are you sure they were asking you to sign up for ASPN Perl? ActiveState also have ASPN Open, which is free. I've not installed the latest ActivePerl, but I imagine that signing up for ASPN Open would be sufficient - it's only needed so it can store your PPM profile online. ASPN Perl on the other hand gives you access to several O'Reilly books online and the Perl Dev Kit. Try again and see if it works with ASPN Open. Personally, I prefer PPM2 and find PPM3 klunky and annoying.

Update: Under the What's New Section here AS say that access to a "paid" ASPN account is required if you want to manage installation profiles. You can use PPM3 without that functionality. From what I can see, it just records what modules you have installed, so you can roll back or duplicate the configuration on another machine. I wouldn't be too concerned about that, you can write your own profile manager for free ;)

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