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The following chunk is intended to parse 2 logfiles for their diff, and write the results as a third file.   One origianl logfile contains combined STDOUT+STDERR and the other contains only STDERR.

But it doesn't do that at all.   8^(   Rather, the resulting (small-relative-to-either-original log) file contains an out-of-order hodgepodge from both originals.

What, praytell, am I doing wrong here?   davorg's Array::Compare doesn't look to do what I need.   I've looked at bikeNomad/Dominus' Alorithm::Diff, but don't make heads or tails of it.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w # $|++; # stdout hot use strict; # avoid d'oh! bugs require 5; # for following modules my $logDir = '/cygdrive/c/Rsync/logs'; my $allLog = "$logDir/200203021258.all"; my $errLog = "$logDir/200203021258.err"; my $fileLog = "$logDir/200203021258.fil"; # slurp two existing logs into arrays: open ERRLOG, "$errLog" or die "Error opening $errLog: $!"; my @err = <ERRLOG>; close ERRLOG; open ALLLOG, "$allLog" or die "Error opening $allLog: $!"; my @all = <ALLLOG>; close ALLLOG; # create @file from diff of ERR and ALL: my %count; my @file; $count{$_}++ for ( @all, @err ); for ( keys %count ) { push @file, $_ unless ( $count{$_} == 2 ); } # write $fileLog from @file: open FILELOG, "> $fileLog" or die "Error opening $fileLog: $!"; for (@file) { print FILELOG; } close FILELOG;

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