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I had all sorts of plans for this, my 100th post, to be a code review, but since I really do not feel that I measure up at this point, perhaps I'll wait a bit longer for that and, if you don't mind, piggy back on this node of thanks. This site has advanced my learning like nothing else, and I truly am thankful for the bounty put before us!

I came to Perl with little understanding of how to get things done. Since finding PM, I'm able to get done a majority of the tasks I set out to accomplish, and I'm even getting to the point where I understand why there are 'better ways'™ to do it.

I'm not a professional programmer and I don't have the opportunity to write Perl everyday. PM provides a regular dose of Perl challenges for me, lifting me out of my ASP/Tango malade de mer, imparting a structure and discipline in my exploration of the language, giving me an opportunity to analyze real world scenarios and the program design needed to deal with them. As I write this, the thought occurs to me that these words are all well and fine but nothing talks like cold hard cash, so it's off to the offering plate for me.

Since this is a Meditation and I've already opened the confessional booth door, let me say that I truly am the most clueless Abbot in the monastery, but I hope someday to outgrow that distinction. I think the key is finding a source of Perl writing assignments. My day job does allow for some work on the side, so if anyone out there has a project that doesn't require übercoder skills but could still benefit from some meat an potatoes code writing, I'm your monk.