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While curiosity and interest are good qualities in a programmer, so are thinking out of the box, an ability to do research, and resourcefulness.

I think that its important for people to learn how to ask questions. If posted a node everytime I had some basic question I'd have upwards of 500 write-ups by now. However, one of the first things I learned here is to try to answer my own questions before asking others to give me answers. Being able to find my own answers has helped to better understand the way Perl works. Now if someone is only interested in having answers spoon-fed to them so they can finish they're homework/project, there's plenty of other places they can go.

If downvoting a question, even those that are well-intentioned, will help a new/Anonymous Monk learn how to ask an educated question, then so be it.

Besides, learning the hard way tends to make the lesson sink further in. At least with me it does ;0).

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