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I am very skeptical that downvoting a "newbie" question will help its poster learn to ask questions well. A terse response, with an admonishment to RTFM or STFW (and perhaps pointers to the appropriate parts of the FM or FW), gives the questioner an idea of what they did wrong (failed to research their question) and how to fix it (research their question next time). A link to an appropriate node, or perhaps to this essay, is even better, but more work. (Ideally, every monk would put all reasonable effort into educating the novitiate, but let's face it: we don't have time. Sometimes, RTFM is all we have time for.)

A lone downvote carries inadequate information: it says that "someone doesn't like your node", without saying why. That makes it difficult feedback to learn from (can you tell that I've an interest in machine learning? :-), and the unfortunate novice who posts a stupid naive or frequently asked question, only to see it downvoted into oblivion, is more likely to leave in disgust than recognize and correct their error.

So let's not pretend that we're doing someone a favour by summarily downvoting their redundant nodes, okay?