This is my first attempt at perl poetry, so please consider that.

Inspired by katgirl's excellent Bohemian Rhapsody (part 1) (and part 2), I attempted the following, an attempt at "Eclipse" from The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, written by Roger Waters. (Good song-I can only claim the any bugs in the interpretation. My appreciation to all those where were in the CB who helped with some questions while I was attempting to code this.)

%All; %Everyone; %Everything; $light = "sun"; @all_that_you = qw(touch see taste feel love hate give deal buy beg bo +rrow steal do say eat slight); @all_you = qw(feel distrust save create destroy); @everyone_you = qw(meet fight); @all_that_is = qw(now gone to_come); @everything_under = ("the sun"); @All{@all_that_you, @all_you, @all_that_is} = ("in tune") x (@all_that +_you, @all_you, @all_that_is); @Everyone{@everyone_you} = ("in tune") x @everyone_you; @Everything{@everything_under} = ("in tune") x @everything_under; my $light = "moon"; $dark_side_of_the_moon = undef; $all = "dark";

Update: Found and added link to page containing lyrics after someone suggested that it might be hard to follow for someone unfamiliar with the lyrics. Enjoy.