My fellow monks, greetings.

I come to you for wisdom and guidance on how to use a feature of the Monastery, in hopes of becoming a more useful and productive community member.

Early the afternoon on which I wrote this, I saw a reference in the CB to the "tick tock nodelet," and how to enable it. Still having much to learn regarding the Monastery, and curious what it was and how to use it, I looked at my User Settings at both the "Frontpage Nodelets" and "non-Frontpage Nodelets," only to find 17 items in each (at the time of this writing), some of which I thought I could fathom their use, others which I found myself in need of clue regarding.

While the advice I received in the CB was to turn them on and try them (which I probably will), I would like to ask the following:

Beyond this, my only other question would be this-is there an easier way to order them than to turn them all on then spend xx minutes clicking the up/down links to move them around?

My thanks in advance for whatever wisdom and guidance you may choose to bestow upon this inquiry.

Update: 2015-08-05
s/onastary/onestery/gmsx, with thanks to chacham for pointing out the errors. :)