Munich at the end of September is very busy, advance booking of hotel rooms is advisable, partly because of the Oktoberfest opening the day we close. We've arranged a special pool of 200 reserved rooms, in various hotels in the centre of Munich, with the company below, for anyone who wants to book through them. Note that this pool will very shortly be returned to the hotels for general tourist bookings.

You don't have to use this company, there may also be other rooms available in Munich, but this is our choice for an accommodation solution for such a busy venue, and as such, we think it timely to remind you (all) of the advisability of advance booking.
It may well be a case of: 'the early bird gets the room' :-)

More info on YAPC::Europe::2002 is on the web at:

You may also contact the firm directly via email (quoting YAPC::Europe):

Congress & Seminar Management

Good luck, (whichever solution you choose) - look forward to seeing you there.