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Perhaps if "not perl" and "no effort" were being used responsibly, I could agree. As it is, when nodes such as My Home Script are reaped almost instantaneously, I (speaking only for myself and not for any other editor or god) am strongly tempted to disallow both. I've even provided code to prevent their use. (It has not been applied, and I suspect it will not be applied. The point was to demonstrate that I'm serious about the matter.)

Let me be clear: I do not see consideration as a way to rid the database of otherwise non-offensive nodes that *someone* thinks *may not* fit into one particular view of the monastery. You are under no obligation to provide a free program to anyone who asks. I'd rather let a few *potentially* off-topic posts slide than prevent the normal system of intelligent and considerate replies from providing adequate guidance.

I've warned certain monks about being overzealous in the past, and will continue to do so. I really don't want to go down the path of meta-consideration, and would prefer just to remove the privilege in cases of abuse.

I hope that footpad's word to the wise will prove sufficient.