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So I'm moving to Europe from Oz, and I'm looking through the Job ads. There seems to be a reasonable number of Perl Bio-informatics job in Europe.

These seem to be broken into two types. The first are the "Masters or PhD level Microbiology, with Perl" type jobs ( which I have no aspirations for ), and then there are "the other guy" type jobs. Solid Perl, with some knowledge of Microbiology of Genetics Concepts. Writing wrappers and interfaces and optomizations etc etc for the "real" Bioinformatitions.

It sounds great, and I would love to have a shot at it. I know some of the basics, but I'd love to push my level of knowledge out the point I could grab one of these "the other guy" jobs. Has anyone gone down this path before? Is there a "Microbiology, Genetics and Bioinformatics for Perl Programmers" type book anywhere? Where the hell should I start, cause I've got no ideas on this one.

I'm happy my Perl is strong enough to handle just about anything, but the Microbiology needs some improvement.