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That's my Perl Geek Code. Useless? Yep. Accurate? Nah. Obligatory? Unfortunately.

I like Perl.
Download milkbone, an all-perl graphical IM client written completely in Perl.
I'm currently a senior in high school. When not attending school or working, I maintain milkbone and build orphanages for poor children in the South American Andes. In my remaining time, I run a soup kitchen from the backseat of my '93 Ford Taurus station wagon (known to some as the Wonder Wagon, to others as Mitch and to others as the Shaggin' Wagon).

I'm an abbot, which means I'm important here </sarcasm>. Anyway, a note to aspiring monks: You don't get a halo when you become a saint. I know, I know - I was disappointed, too. But it's better that you learn this now than waste your life striving for sainthood. You don't have to thank me, but if you want to, download milkbone.

Did I mention you should download milkbone?
Visit (and edit) my Tk wiki..
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