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As part of the process of evaluating Komodo I read through license agreement. Most of it was pretty standard stuff but I found the "Term" section pretty concerning.

My understanding of it was that they can cancel your right to use the software at any time or "for any reason whatsoever" and demand that you erase the software (that's fine) AND any files created with the software including copies in any other medium (printouts?).

Here's the full section from their website.

3. Term. ACTIVESTATE may terminate this License immediately and without prior notice if you breach any term of this License or for any reason whatsoever. In the event of any termination or expiration, you agree to immediately destroy and/or erase the original and all copies of the SOFTWARE and any files created using the SOFTWARE and to discontinue their use and you will not retain or store the SOFTWARE or any files created using the SOFTWARE or any copies thereof, in any form or medium.

I've never read license language like this before. Have I misread this or does it say what I think it says? How can I possibly get approval to use this tool when the license agreement seems to say they can terminate our license and ask us to erase all our code (created with their editor) whenever they like?

Is anyone else using this software already? How did you get around the license issues with management? Should I even consider using a product that says that in the license? After Kazaa I'm a little more careful about just clicking "OK" anymore. :(