I've attempted to follow instructions to Put my self on the Perl Monks Map by using to give me my latitude and longitude.

However, contrary to the normally very helpful instructions to be found, this information is incorrect--there is no latitude or longitude available in the top left hand corner of the mapblast site.


Instructions are currently listed:

What to do: Find out your Latitude and Longitude Put the correct HTML comment in your homenode Check the significant update box Wait a day for the stats site to parse the page Go have a look Find out : If you're not sure of your latitude and longitude, use MapBlast to locate yourself. It's a pretty decent interface, and you can get near yourself by starting with your ZipCode, or select your country if your non-U.S. *** Be sure to click the lat/long display in the upper left corner of the map to display the correct format lat/long. *** The correct format will have a small degree symbol to the right of the first number in both the latitude and longitude.

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