in reply to PerlMonks modules 2.0


Today I finally gathered the willpower to put everything related to the PerlMonks modules on the sourceforge project that I created for them a looong time ago. I have also moved the web page there.

But now I have a more fundamental question. Regrettably, I have been essentially absent from PerlMonks for a long time, and it seems that a lot of things have changed, technically speaking. The modules in their current form no longer work, and I have tons of chatbox messages and patches that people have sent me about this (to all of them: thank you!). On the other hand, the on-site chat page mentioned above by elusion seems to work perfectly.

So my question is: is it worth spending the effort to upgrade and clean up the PerlMonks modules to keep them current to the times, or should we just let them die? Are people still interested in using them? If this is the case, I will start working on fixing things. A few fundamental changes are necessary, including:

Now that the CVS is available on sourceforge, it should be easier for people to submit patches. Certainly, if anyone shows enough interest, I'd be happy to give them access as developers to the CVS repository :-)

Any thoughts?