in reply to $TAINTED in latest v2.87

*Sinister is completely shocked and horrified!

I was going to say that this:
$TAINTED = substr($ENV{REQUEST_METHOD}.'',0,0) if defined $ENV{REQUEST_METHOD};
Was prob. the nicest solution to your problem, as it doesn't state: 'my $TAINTED = ...' - I was figuring that $TAINTED was defined earlier.

To make sure I wasn't going to say anything stupid, I did the bad thing of opening the black box and peak into the CGI module.

My hart stopped for a moment! My stumach turned! More then once..! I screamed: "WHERE IS 'use strict;' ??!?!?!!"

Yes, dear monks,
the module we all hold up high, and use a lot in our daily work, does not use strict! *sigh*

er formait hyarya.
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