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@array = (5,5,null); $array[2] = $array[0] * $array[1]; print "$array[2]\n"; # output 25 $array[0] = 10; print "$array[2]\n"; # output 50
   if you know your code, you know that second 
   output statement is false.  

   you must re-calculate the value in $array2 to 
   get the output to come out as '50'

   does anyone know of a way to make $array2
   update itself automatically?

   i should warn you not to pop a blood vessel trying to 
   answer this for me ... i'm reasonably convinced that 
   i will simply update $array2 on every pass of the 

   but for interest's sake i'd like to know if i can do it
   the way i'd like to.