Having recently booboo'd by considering a node for deletion that in hindsight should not have been considered (see On Responsible Considerations as to why I feel I should not have - it was OT, which is no reason to consider stuff for deletion), I'd like to rehash the subject of consideration a bit.

As the above mentioned node, and many others touching on consideration, rightly state, consideration can lead to nodes getting reaped, which is a very serious thing. I sure would not like seeing one of my nodes vanishing in a puff of smoke, especially if I'm a new and inexperienced monk still getting my feel for the monastery, and I don't think anybody will disagree with me. Consideration is a serious thing indeed.

Unfortunately, I only read On Responsible Considerations after I had considered a node for deletion, which is of course too late. This leads me to my point: is it technically possible to somehow force a "first time considerer" to read that node before considering any nodes? And what is the monks feeling about the desirability of such a contraption?

Okay, one can make the point that when a monk reaches friarhood, (s)he should have enough of a feel for the procedures and culture of the monastery to act responsibly and look for information on this kind of thing before using it, and that certainly is a valid point. However, it is easy to miss information, be it through laziness or just through the overwhelming amount of info that is available (something to do with a forest and trees). I know that in my case, I did some searching around on consideration and found some nodes on the various shapes and colours of the beast and how to use it responsibly, but as I said, I only came across On Responsible Considerations too late.

Then again, having to read a node and click on some button before doing an action might quickly degenerate into the usual "EULA acceptance" behavior: click without reading. I dunno. Any opinions?

Robartes- keeping his fingers off the consider button for a while