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have XP and levels changed to relative to the increase in users?

More people to vote. More people to vote for. I think it probably stays pretty stable. There seems to have been quite a lot of discussion, early on, about whether the voting system would scale. It did.

No offense, but I wrote 4 articles and reached level 4... of 10.

No offense taken. The first several levels are easy to breeze through. I think it is good that they are because it immediately gets newcomers used to (and maybe even a little excited about) the leveling system. It is highly unlikely that your 1 to 1 post to level ratio will continue for much longer. ;-)

I find it somewhat interesting that there are more level 10 users then level 9 users.

That doesn't surprise me. Relatively speaking, there are not a lot of people that put in the time to reach level nine. Once they have, sainthood seems finally in reach and there is some motivation to try to sprint through that last 700 XP.

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